My name is Julia, a 21-year-old young adult who’s passions range from writing to fashion, from surfing to human rights and conflict resolution. Quite a diverse profile huh?

I have a mixed heritage, Spanish and Dutch. With a master’s degree in my pocket in International Organization, I am now prepared to explore several career options, having started by working at UNOY, an NGO for peacebuilding. The work is definitely fulfilling and will hopefully prepare me for a career in foreign relations, focusing on conflict resolution. I am torn between developing my professional career, which is fulfilling to me, and following my dreams of traveling to the exotic and mystical places on this earth

I started this blog 3 years ago with the aim of writing about my travels. I was convinced I was going to be a world traveler, but unfortunately, life happened and I had other responsibilities to attend. By responsibilities, I mean finishing my studies and working to support myself as well as working on my career and professional aspirations. This was more fitting to my reality than my dream to travel the world. Nevertheless, to me keeping this blog alive to me means keeping my dream alive. One day I will travel the world and I will share all my different experiences.