I’m Julia Puente Duyn, but my friends and family simply call me Juls. My nickname says more about me than my real name, it captures my youthful, passionate and creative essence. Born from a Dutch mother and a Spanish father, having both nationalities’  cultures rooted in my personality, I often find it difficult to find a fixed identity. These are the first facts about me.

I’ve always been a person with a great imagination that would turn deadly normal anecdotes into interesting stories, just to pretend life is somewhat more fun than it actually is. But this is not why a started this blog. As a grew into a young adult and started discovering the world around me from a more mature point of view, I soon discovered life is not as normal and uninteresting as I thought. Today I write to share my experiences. I consider myself a creative soul, always in search of inspiration. Hopefully, this blog allows me to keep my creativity and inspiration alive.

I have too many different interests and  I can’t turn them all into my life profession or goal. So, I thought to myself, how can I keep my passion for different things alive? The answer is simple: by writing about them. My passions range from traveling to writing to reading interesting books and articles that teach me about life and myself to experiencing different cultures to fashion and to developing a healthy lifestyle. Quite diverse huh?

After having obtained an MSc in International Organization, having a history of working in fashion, and having interned as the communications officer at two very different NGOs, I am now prepared to explore career options. However, this does not mean I have any idea of what I want to dedicate myself to for the rest of my life. I just know I have several interests which I will keep pursuing until one day, hopefully, something works out for me.