Why a Blog?

It is a very simple answer: because shared experiences do wonders. By retelling different kinds of first-hand experiences in life in the form of stories I want to pass on knowledge and little insights that might be helpful to potential readers. There are three main topics through which I will weave the contents of this blog: stories, wanderlust and lifestyle. Traveling (a.k.a. wanderlust) are my life passion, which inspires my lifestyle and the many stories I will share.

I know what you guys are thinking: it’s just one more blog talking about the same subjects as every other blogger on the world wide web. Well, you are wrong. I aim to entertain you with my writing using humor, something many sites lack if I may say so. I want to incite people to think about important aspects of life like love, freedom and self-empowerment. I want to share with people what I have learned from my own experiences in life. Why? Because I believe that we learn and grow by sharing our personal experiences.